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Cannot invoke pipeline because runspace is not in the Opened state


I developed a web app to manage exchange server 2010 objects (domains, mailboxes etc) using Remote PoewerShell API. When deployed this web app on an other fresh server with Exchange Server 2010 installed, I got this error:

Cannot invoke pipeline because runspace is not in the Opened state. Current state of runspace is ‘Broken’.

The user, which I was using for Remote PowerShell credentials, was a domain admin, with all  sorts of rights, so I looked into basic RemotePowershell configuration, and found the solution.

I followed these 2 steps to resove this error:

1. Enabled Powershell remoting on server. Open Windows PowerShell console and run


It would prompt you for input, and then just press ‘Enter’, 2 times.

2. Go to IIS manager, and under default website, locate Exchange ‘PowerShell’ virtual directory. On right side pane,  double click “Authentication” and enable “Basic” authentication.

Dont forget to reset IIS by Start->Run-> IisReset.

These 2 steps resolved my error. I would also suggest to look for 3rd step, which is to check whether the user, which you are using for Remote PowerShell credentials, has the “RemotePowerShellEnabled” flag enabled or not, which you can check via Exchange Management Shell on Exchange server by running:

get-user domain\User|fl RemotePowerShellEnabled

If it returns false, then enable it by using

set-user domain\User-RemotePowerShellEnabled:$True

Hope this help someone else too.

Kind Regards,

Laeeq Qazi

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